Friday, May 16, 2008

Flying again

May 14, 2006
The flight in was uneventful, and thanks to a little advance planning (staying up crazy late on Monday), I actually slept on the plane most of the way and avoided major jetlag. Dealing with the Heathrow snafu wasn’t bad since it was midday and not too busy. Hopping in the black cab at Victoria, it finally hit home: I’m on vacation. It was a beautiful, sunny day: people enjoying themselves in outdoor cafes, riders in Hyde Park, streets buzzing with activity. This is just what I needed.

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May 15, 2006
It’s drizzling in the morning but that’s fine. Spending all day in the V&A isn’t hard to do; I proved it handily today. Afterhours, I went to see Even at the Windmill in Brixton. What a killer band. They’re incredibly tight and tuneful, and sound enormous for a three-piece. It’s a shame that their records are so tough to get in the US.

I got hooked on Oz indie rock in the 80’s – Hoodoo Gurus, Stems, Saints, Lime Spiders, etc. – and it’s a hard habit to kick. Now there are great bands like Even, You Am I, and the Sand Pebbles. There must be something in the water there, because these bands all rock so much more than most American and English indies. A lot of them have such a Detroit sensibility they sound like home, despite the fact that they’re about physically removed from Detroit as you can get.

I may have to go see Even again tonight at the Dirty Water Club, because the DWC was on my list anyway, and it’s a guaranteed good show. Even are playing all over town after playing All Tomorrow’s Parties. Funding their trip here probably wasn’t cheap.

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